LISCO is southeast Iowa's premier local telecommunications company based in Fairfield, IA. We have been providing unparalleled service since 1995. As the number of years in business have increased so has our expertise. LISCO has emerged as a highly reliable and local alternative for everything from phone service, to internet to webhosting and television service. What hasn't changed is our knowledgable and friendly customer service and competitive rates. We're excited you are visiting us online today and we're sure we can deliver the exact service you need at prices you can afford. Welcome to the future!

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LISCO is ably led by its founder and President, Lance Yedersberger. Few mom-and-pop internet companies that started in the mid-90s have survived and thrived as LISCO has: first in bringing local dial-up internet to 99 small communities of SE Iowa, then moving nimbly into telephone service, building line count, while adapting to the changing regulatory environment. LISCO recognized the limitations of dial-up service, and then identified the ultimate direction of internet access with exceptionally high speeds requiring fiber to the premise. LISCO secured funding and successfully built out a modern high speed broadband telecommunications system in Fairfield, Iowa. Mr. Yedersberger continues to lead the growing company with energy, intelligence, and focus.

LISCO has offered internet service throughout SE Iowa since 1995 from its corporate base in Fairfield, Iowa, centrally located in the service area. The service area extends from Burlington in the east to Knoxville in the west and from Pella in the north to Keokuk in the south. LISCO has offered broadband internet and telephone service in 16 communities in this area since 1998, and since 2008, cable television service in Fairfield. Since 1995, LISCO has had as many as 14,000 dial-up, broadband, and telephone customers for whom it has developed the customer service, provisioning, and billing systems to fulfill its goal of providing quality telecommunications services for life.